Scream Machine
Cadaver Amatorem

One woman army SinDelle Morte has only been crafting her own bipolar blend of electronic music since 2009, but she has made enough releases that you would assume she’s been doing it for well over a decade. In all that time we’ve seen the full length albums Devil Bitch, Sinister Flesh, and The Chronicles Of Sin in addition to a numerous amount of EPs that feature everything from brand new songs to remix and collaborative content. She’s even offered many of these EP’s for free on her Bandcamp page as well as the recently released compilation album, We Are Revolution. After releasing two very different EP’s this year, (Moon In Libra and Rise Of Machines, respectively) as well as a completely free electronic album in her side project godMONSTER, (Sol-Luna: Sounds Of The Sun, Songs Of Sleep which is free on the godMONSTER bandcamp page) she has finally released another full length Scream Machine album with a sound that will surprise fans of both the band and electronic music alike.

In the past, SinDelle performed a style of musical aggression that was a bit warmer and hard-edged; sounding almost like if Otep fronted an electronic act in the vein of raucous screams, coupled with raw electronic and guitar-driven energy. But as of late, she’s displayed another talent – she can actually sing! Yet not only does she sing on Cadaver Amortem, she sings her ass off in an incredible display that results in darkwave influenced tracks like the dance club friendly “Alone” and also in moments of sheer amazement, like “November.” Where this one came from, I’ve still no clue; but I’m putting back together the pieces of my mind as I slowly start to believe that Scream Machine might just have the ability to become the next Android Lust if she chooses to continue down this path. Though if you’re still not convinced, just take a glance at “Coma” for further reinforcement.

Despite the fact that things are a bit lighter on this album, there are still a few heavier tracks on the disc, like the punchy “Humanoid”, “80 Lb. Hammer” and the Manson influenced “All The Pretty Horses.” Guitars still thunder throughout several of these tracks, so it’s definitely not the light hearted style of electronic album that you might think it is. Songs like “Reptile” and “Lay me Down” make me think of possible KMFDM connections, possibly even Angelspit; with tracks like “Your Jesus” coming off as the catchiest of the batch and showing the group’s possible mainstream appeal – a direction that SinDelle admits that she doesn’t want the band to move in. But even though this is the case, Scream Machine’s patented blend of sugar and thousand alarm chili is more than enough to get fans of electronic music rejoicing. I’m also quite pleased to announce that this album doesn’t even feature one ounce of the electronic pest known as dubstep. Remember, if you like Cadaver Amortem; then please check out the other releases in the band’s voluminous and ever-expanding library of work… And don’t forget about the free godMONSTER albums! (Eric May)

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