Scream Machine

Released as a free Christmas present to all of her fans, or to just anyone who likes industrial music in general, Zombi is actually a full-length album that serves as the angry little sister to the jaw-dropping Cadaver Amatorem release earlier this year. This features SinDelle at an electronic best, with some of the best instrumentation that I’ve ever heard from the band and a production value that’s as crisp as any that you would find on a label. After a lengthy introduction piece “(Resurrection Incantation),” the album truly kicks into gear with the cold industrial freak-out of “Zombi” for which a very peculiar and disturbing video has been shot. This single track serves as one of the strongest from the band that I’ve ever heard, sounding much like Otep at her most ferocious while backing punchy electronic beats. Certainly, this song serves as a standout from the prolific artist who is already at work on another album. Unfortunately, we’ve got a few tracks on the disc like “I Don’t Give A Fuck” that do a great job in displaying rebellion and guitar influenced aggression, yet seem to drag on a bit. “Control Freak” serves as an interesting interlude that delivers its purpose quite well. It doesn’t take long to realize exactly what this one is getting at. “Drugs (Ain’t Working No More)” also sees guitar influence mixing rather well with electronics, although I think it’s just a bit too long. “Fix Me (Fuck)” offers another guitar injected bi-polar freak-out with moments of subtle calm before the storm. It’s not my personal favorite, however. “Devil In The Flesh” was actually on the Zombi single, but I don’t think it’s one of the band’s strongest songs and I still can’t get into on this one, just as I couldn’t on the single. I will say that I enjoyed the interesting introduction piece to the track.

Hollow” is another new direction for the band, which actually goes into sort of a pop-rock. Though not all of the fans will get it, it’s definitely a sign of further maturation from the artist and she’s really put her soul into it. “God Is Waiting” features an unsettling atmosphere that rolls into a stable chorus. “Connection Broken” is another freak-out on an album chock full of them, following Zombi’s bipolar formula as warm electronics and the sounds of pattering rain seem to interlace with SinDelle as she screams her head off. I’ve never seen such force in this one, it obviously seems like much of this album to be something very personal; yet it will also speak to others in its adrenaline induced rage. “Medusa” is one of my personal favorite tracks, incorporating new wave style electronics and harsh guitars as SinDelle’s vocal approach comes off a bit razor-sharp, yet haunting. It does deserve the time the amount of time that it spans on the disc, proving that Scream Machine is truly at the very apex of their abilities. “Fuck To Drugs” proves a strong atmosphere that is both sexual and distorted, dazzling me with its electronic grandeur. She truly succeeds with these soundscapes and hopefully we’ll get to hear more of this kind of work in the future. As far as atmosphere is concerned, this is golden. And my prayers were answered with the next track on the disc and final, “Cabaret Macabre,” which serves as a frightfully strong club-piece, eventually blowing up into full-on trance later on in the track. Unfortunately it ends abruptly; and I would have loved to hear this turn into a fifteen-minute trance fix, ala early Infected Mushroom

Zombi is a completely free industrial disc with loads of promise that is available at the Scream Machine Bandcamp as a gift to you for Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate. It’s a formidable album with loads of promise that sees the band experimenting ever further while providing some of the best musical soundscapes that I’ve ever heard from not only them, but other bands in the genre. That says a lot for a free release, so give it a shot. I’m quite sure that you’ll find something here, in SinDelle’s weird and wild world of industrial horrors. (Eric May)

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