Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only
(Run For Cover Records)

Seahaven is a band that I’ve seen a few times on various shows but never really invested much time into listening to. I couldn’t really say why to be honest because all the times I saw them they never put on a bad show; I suppose it was just me being lazy. So after being presented with the opportunity to review their latest record I jumped at it. I figured this would give me the opportunity to check out the band I have neglected for so long.

Upon first listen my initial reaction was, “that was Seahaven I saw all those times, right? This sounds like a completely different band than the one I saw.” So after a little investigation and listening to some of the band’s back catalog I discovered that this was indeed the same band. They had merely gone through a metamorphosis of sorts.

After giving the record a few more listens I decided that I enjoyed this change in sound. Although a bit mellower overall, it was still entertaining. The kind of slow jams for the tail end of a long road trip. Or perhaps the mood music for a night in with that lady you met at the record store wearing a husker du shirt. My only real complaint is there is a song or two where they could have laid down on the damn echo effect; I’m looking at you “Highway Blues.”

If you’re a fan of the band’s previous work this effort might frighten you at first, but don’t let a little change deter you from a good record. As for the uninitiated, well give it a shot. Any expectations you might have had were thrown out the window anyway. (Armando Olivas)

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