Only once in a blue moon does a band like Selfish Things emerge from the cacophony of ho-hum carbon copies to gift the world with such a soulful and poignant record such as Logos.

Pure Noise’s roster has been spinning flawless gold for the past several years, and now with Ontario’s favorite sons rising to lead the pack, it’s beginning to look like the dawn of a new and wonderful era of resurgence in a scene that has all but flat-lined the past decade.

Fans have been clamoring for the four-piece’s full-length debut ever since tracks like the beautiful “1435” and “8147 Mulholland Terrace” found heavy rotation across streaming platforms and landed them an opening spot on William Ryan Key’s 2019 spring tour. Logos delivers all that fans have been craving and so much more.

Vocalist Alex Biro breathes soul and desperation into every track, ranging from the maniacal “Flood” and “Blood” (the latter featuring Crown the Empire’s Andy Leo) to radio potentials “Pride,” “Drained” (featuring William Ryan Key), and “Mind”. Clearly, the record boasts several impressive guest spots (“Torn” is visited by Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain), but its Biro’s rich and engaging roar that takes center-stage even when accompanied by seasoned veterans.

Even in its more musically playful moments (“Hole” or “Crutch”), Logos manages to tap into something almost unexplainable, a harmonious equivalent to a communal confession. The entire record feels like an artist freed, as if Biro has opened his oldest journals with an invitation to the audience to judge away. Welcome to one of the best records of 2019.

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  1. Caio Siqueira Reply

    “Welcome to one of the best records of 2019”. You couldn’t be more right! Selfish Things doesn’t have not even one bad song! This album is amazing and it deserves so much more recognition! I can’t wait to see these guys flying higher because they deserve it!

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