She Must Burn
She Must Burn
(Artery Recordings)

Blackened metalcore isn’t really a thing, at least not yet, but based on the success of Make Them Suffer and the past success of Bleeding Through and early Abigail Williams, it eventually could be. In theory, it makes sense, right? You take the pitch black atmosphere, symphonic bombast, and blast beats of black metal and add in the groove, melody, and mosh of deathcore/metalcore. Whatever your thoughts on the sound in theory, London upstarts She Must Burn (let’s hope they’re burning a witch…) absolutely nails the potent mixture on their debut EP.

What’s most impressive about this short and sweet EP is how well the songs differentiate themselves from each other while still maintaining a key cohesion. She Must Burn understand what they want to accomplish sonically, and each song drives home that point well. Keyboardist/clean vocalist Aimy Miller’s wonderful symphonic accompaniments and angelic voice are worth the sticker price (do people even get that reference anymore?). Her vocal resemblance to Evanescence’s Amy Lee adds to the gothic feel of the album, but this Aimy has a bit more power behind her voice, giving songs like “Possessed” and “Eclipse” a welcome melodic undercurrent. That’s not to say the rest of the band under-performs; harsh vocalist Joseph Louis Sinclair has great range and works very well with Aimy, and the instruments are done very well.

Overall, while one can complain about the merely adequate breakdowns (they really are the only thing holding back an otherwise excellent EP), there is potential and talent in excess with this debut EP.

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  1. Blessings Upon The Throne Of Promised Aeons Reply

    My new favorite band!…just bought this album and I’m constantly blasting it,plus Aimy is insanely hot,and seriously digging the Eclipse vid.Hope the can make it soon to the US.

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