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The Japanese metal band has thrown convention out the window, and utterly shit down the throats of all those with expectations on what a metal band should sound like. Even though Sigh has been around since time immemorial (1989,) they have only now released in my opinion what is a really stellar, innovative, and breathtaking album.

Sigh are at the top of their game not just as metal musicians, but as artists with a drive to create and push boundaries. When they go into the studio they don’t fuck around with unoriginal content hoping to make just another metal record. Albiet as a guy who will generally dig anything that sounds like ’80s thrash, I also tend to lean toward music that goes beyond boundaries because after all that was the original incentive to making extreme metal music in the ’80s anyway. With that being said, I respect that there was a lot of genius that went into the writing of Sigh’s Graveward, and it was done with the help of musicians from DragonForce, Rotting Christ, Trivium, and more. Sigh have fashioned themselves one of the finest albums Candlelight has released in years.

The album is abrasive, it’s wonderful, and it’s packed with amazing melodies throughout. There’s nothing cooler than listening to a song that contains thrash, death, and black metal influences infused with jazzy saxophone solos and killer riffs. Each time I hear this album I feel like I am going through a warp. The album is utterly eccentric, but the whole thing is organic.

As far as music goes, the last five years have been a time for brilliant and extremely creative artists to come together and make wonderful innovative new styles. Sigh has been around in the Japanese metal scene since, oh before the Sega Genesis was around, and lasted three times as long.

I don’t necessarily think that Sigh is going to really change the way metal bands incorporate different influences, but it would be nice if some bands really took the daring step that Sigh did by making ‘eclectic metal’ more than just weird time signatures, keyboards, and weird hairdos. (Metal Nick)

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