Opacities EP

The dawn of new SikTh is finally upon us. Almost nine long years have passed since the highly influential Death Of A Dead Day graced us with its presence, influencing an entire generation of bands with the “djent” movement alongside Meshuggah. Now, through their successful Pledgemusic campaign, they were able to release Opacities, and it does not disappoint. The first two tracks “Behind The Doors” and “Philistine Philosophies” show SikTh back in form, as if they never left the scene. It’s an explosive return for the band, sticking to their insane formula of batshit insanity mixed with deep grooves and topped with the clean singing of clarity they’re known for.

Thanks to Dan Weller and Justin Hill (production) and Forrester Savell (mastering), this album sounds absolutely amazing. Every vocal rhythm, every chord, and every bass line is heard clear as day without sacrificing the impact of the entire release. “Under The Weeping Moon” backs this up, the hard grooves that begin the track give way to Mikee and Justin’s manipulated vocal patterns, creating a sanded and polished sound that shows the true passion of SikTh. And, in typical SikTh fashion, you have the obligatory bizarre spoken word segment and a ambient track to keep you surprised and guessing. These six tracks of insane goodness are available now on CD and digital on Peaceville Records. (Ridge Briel)

Purchase Opacities here.

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