Sink Tapes
Mattress Cowboys 7”
(Don’t Live Like Me Records)

Need yet more proof that Central Jersey/Philly is now the new home of any form of indie and punk rock music that really matters right now? Just check out Mattress Cowboys, the latest 7” from New Brunswick, NJ-based Sink Tapes.

Over five tracks, the four-piece manage to perfectly meld early Against Me! with The Replacements playing acoustic guitars. Each song builds nicely onto the next, without a weak track in the mix, resulting in a nearly flawless EP. The only downside is the length of the songs here: the longest is under three-minutes and two check in at under two-minutes.

A little moody at times, but so were the dudes in The Church and The Smiths and they made some amazing records. The world needs a full-length by this band, and soon. (John B. Moore)

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