Skid Row
Rise of the Damnation Army
(Megaforce Records)

To be honest, I wasn’t immediately blown away when I first turned on the latest effort (and follow-up to last year’s United World Rebellion EP) from New Jersey-bred rockers Skid Row. “We Are the Damned” starts things off with potential, but about halfway through I found myself getting bored and skipping ahead to the next track. From then on, however, I couldn’t help but keep turning up the volume. “Give it the Gun” immediately starts kicking things into gear, reminiscent of any of their heaviest work from 1991’s classic Slave to the Grind album. While numbers like “Catch Your Fall” might be an obvious attempt at revisiting the heyday of power ballads, a spot-on cover of Aerosmith’s “Rats in the Cellar” finishes the EP nicely.

When Skid Row first resurfaced without Sebastian Bach over a decade ago, they needed to release something much more attention-grabbing than 2003’s Thickskin. It may have taken them awhile, but they finally seem to be heading back in the right direction. (Jesse Striewski)

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