It takes guts to name a band a word translated in the English language to “braggart.” Still, Skroetbalg can lay a degree of claim to that name decision by releasing some solid-sounding pub-style punk music on their new EP, Alles Kats Kapot. Throughout the eight tracks on this release, you can tell these three guys grew up listening to bands nearly 5,500 miles away from their native Holland. Their songwriting incorporates many of the melodic fury 90s era Southern California punk groups like US Bombs and Face to Face hold. With all their lyrics sung in their mother tongue of the Drèents dialect, it’s helpful to have a translation app for the uncultured American to follow what their singing is about too. Alles Kats Kapot is the group’s fourth release of 2021, so their work ethic isn’t in question. Still, this release is a step up from their other EPs in production value as the band’s enlisted notable names in the Dutch heavy rock world with Eindhoven Rock City notables Peter Van Elderen (Peter Pan Speedrock, TankZilla) at the production helm and Pieter Klos (Motorpsycho, Peter Pan Speedrock) handling the mastering.

No song passes the 3:05 mark. The tempos of all eight tracks range from mid to fast, with (of course) “Renault 5GTE” being the fastest song on the record as Skroetbalg’s throat/guitarist Sander Broersma pays tribute to the French-made boxcar he totaled weeks after buying it. “Ponypark” is the band’s cowpunk attempt on an anti-good times message against a famous cowboy-themed park in the Overijssel province that sounds like they’re going in a Blaine Cartwright direction with their songwriting. “Dommer Dan Bang” takes away the best song on this EP as the focus of the band and change in the order of style to an oi sound adds some dynamic to their straight-ahead punk sound throughout this EP’s sixteen plus minutes.

Skroetbalg is making moves in Holland’s punk world with appearances already confirmed for Eurosonic and Dutch metal and hardcore festival Pitfest and their first proper show happening at Sjock Reboot over in Belgium back in August, a solid effort for these guys with Alles Kats Kapot. 

Grab the EP from Skroetbalg’s Bandcamp.

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