The Slang
The Slang

The Slang is an alternative/power pop/rock band from Columbus, Ohio that has just released their debut EP with five songs that will get stuck in your head. The band consists of John Bobo on vocals, multi-instrumentalist Michael Dillon on drums, and John Newsome on bass.

The album was preceded by the anthemic single “Feels Like Work,” and listening to the chiming guitars and soaring vocals, work is not something that this song feels like. The song is a great way to get you ready for the other four tracks that all having the same effect get you up onto your feet, ready to follow them to a live venue and sing along with them. The upbeat “Far From Over” kicks off the EP and is a great beginning to the other pop rock tracks on here. The following song, “Rule The World” has a more pop punk feel to it, which gets your feet tapping right away. The emotional vocals come through on this collection of songs, especially on the third track, “One Step At A Time,” that has elements of alternative rock, and features heartfelt vocals. The EP ends with the sweet and forceful “Find A Way,” giving you an experience that comes full circle.

It’s a remarkably well-crafted debut that sounds like they have been around forever doing this, not just for just a couple of years. If this is what a taste is like, get me a big spoon, I want more! (Rick Ecker)

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