Sleep On It
Lost Along the Way
(Equal Vision Records) 

Not quite what you’d expect from Equal Vision, Sleep On It play the kind of punk-infused rock that has more in common with 90s alternative than the pop styles of today. Their label debut, an EP titled Lost Along the Way, is a solid introduction for several reasons. Lyrically, the collection follows themes of overcoming struggles in love and life primarily, which is a broad but relateable topic. On the opening track, “Counting Miles”, vocalist Zech Pluister sings, “I feel tired, I can’t sleep a wink. I’m counting miles instead of sheep, so we could be anything.” Life on the road, or sharing a distance in general, can be a difficult thing for any relationship, especially when you factor in personal goals. And then on the closer, “Let Me Go”, he sings, “Please just tell me that I’ll get through this with my heart still whole. I’ve tried to let you go, but there’s one thing that I need you to know.” As such, the EP feels connected from start to finish, which works in its favor. The structures are also catchy, though restrained; the songs do eventually burrow their way into your head, though they don’t really get stuck there in your subconscious.

Lost Along the Way doesn’t play as an immediate hit, but given several spins, it becomes something worth keeping around. Sleep On It may not seem really at home with Equal Vision, but their brand of punk rock is a subdued one that older audiences should love.

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