If Tom Hazelmeyer has any incentive for a 15th installment in his Dope-Guns-N’-Fucking In The Streets compilation, SLOKS would be a worthy candidate to consider bearing the AmRep mark.

The Torino trio follows up to their debut Holy Motor LP sees them returning to the Voodoo Rhythm label for the issue of a Knife In Your Hand and abandoning their garage rock tones for a noise-rock sound that’s more in line with the image of a tossed, broken tipped syringe found in Los Angeles on San Julian and 6th Street rather than a fun, high-energy night out at Blah Blah in Turin.

The 11 tracks on this album raise cane on the Amygdala with singer Ivy Claudy’s blood-curdling throat mixing nervous energy and distorted sneers, Buddy Fuzz’s rhythmic discord, and the cheap beats of Tony Machete.

A Knife in Your Hand is a step up for the band in the production end, with engineer Lo Spider harnessing a darker corner of the band that has them sounding menacing and focused and less dissonant and scattered as Holy Motor portrays them. The songwriting on the album is short and to the point, with moods ranging from grim (“Last Grave”), playfully sinister (“Exotic Store” and “Crank It Up”) to downright violent-sounding (“Burn Baby Burn”).

There is a Jekyll and Hyde complex in the first two tracks, with the lead-off “Dillinger” eagerly building the listener’s anticipation via Machete’s swinging beats steadying the hard edge riffs from Fuzz before segueing into the staccato riffs and psychotic howls of Claudy. The choice track off this album is the feedback-driven “Bad to The Bone” due to the trio sounding like a noise rock band performing a grinding rendition of Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love?”

Grab A Knife In Your Hand from Voodoo Rhythm Records. 

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