Christopher Sluka is a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer, has recorded ten studio albums and has a fan base that spans across continents. At the start of his career, Sluka found himself in the same melting pot with artists such as Tears For Fears, INXS, Talk Talk and Simple Minds, but after recording a single in Los Angeles (with Cat Gray who worked extensively with Prince), he found an appreciative audience in Japan, where he went on to release a further two albums. Sluka is filming a music video for all thirteen album tracks. The music videos will be compiled on a Blu-Ray release of Introversions due this November to coincide with a European club tour.

Well, this is a much unexpected album, with this one man band doing basically everything on here and doing it very well. The album does have a new wave sound and feel to it, but you know what? I’m so glad that someone has decided to use that style of music again and actually do a good job with it. It’s not done with a wink or a feel of doing it as a parody, instead this is someone who was there when it was cool and has taken that sound and give it a nice update. You can hear the impassioned vocals like on “Paralyzed” that grab at your heart, then you have the music that takes you away and pulls at you and you are forced to hit replay. While having a definite new wave sound on some of the tracks, the album also has some post punk, a touch of goth and even some industrial sounding tracks that give the album a lot of diversity. The vocals are strong and very much a highlight with their emotion and the sweeping songs have hooks and hold your interest throughout.

Sluka has an album that the hipsters might latch onto because of the retro feel to it, but those people will tire and move onto something else, but those who enjoy an album with highs as big as the sky will love this and play this again and again. This album has made me into a fan and now I must search out some of his older music while waiting for new stuff from him……while playing this a lot.

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