Social Repose

Apparently a famous YouTube cover artist and possibly the only person to combine goth and Native American fashion in a very bold choice, Social Repose is quite a lot to take in. Thankfully, his Yalta EP isn’t quite so difficult to swallow. His sound combines the soft and subtle electronic of Owl City and The Postal Service with an emo/goth vocal and lyrical style that recalls Panic! at this Disco. Here, and used to great affect, the piano replaces sweeping synth work. It creates a rather relaxing and calming influence on the sound and chills out even harsher numbers like “Island Of Yours”, with its tribal breakdowns. Unfortunately, the acoustic guitar work isn’t used quite as effectively, conjuring up images of beachside luau jams, and we all know no goth is allowed outside for fear of messing up the perfect pale complexion.

Overall, while it is, at times, quite enjoyable, Yalta offers up more potential than anything else. The electronic ambiance is nicely done, and the melodies are subtle yet effective. While it’s not quite there, Social Repose’s Yalta showcases there is potential in this goth/electronic mash-up. (Nicholas Senior)

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