Wild. Chaotic. Frenzied. And that’s just the first ten seconds of their first song, “Deity Of Knives And Pointed Apparitions.” Blue Cheer coined the term “Vincebus Eruptum” in 1967 which referred to “controlled chaos,” and it is probably the most apt description to both the band Spirit Possession and their record of the same name, which drops July 24 via Profound Lore Records.

Spirit Possession are a duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist S. Peacock (Ulthar, Mastery, Pandiscordin, Necrogenesis) and A. Spungin (Ormus, Tarus) on drums and handmade synthesizers. It’s shocking how a duo can conjure up the intensity and aural shock level of the sound on this record.

On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the max, all seven songs on this record rage at an ”11,” and there’s never a break, never an interlude; the record and the band never relent.  Spirit Possession is thrashy black metal that would make even Satan cringe at how hard a duo, not a four- or five-piece band, but a duo, can rock.

What stands out prominently, though, is Spirit Possessions’s Venom meets Celtic Frost (To Mega Therion era) influence that finds a way to creep into just about every track on this album. Normally, that’s enough to raise a red flag or two, but here, it works because the band is able to integrate that influence into a unique, semi-Norwegian, black metal-inspired sound, something we’ve all become conditioned to listen for when it comes to this type of music. The result?  Spirit Possession elevate the genre; that’s how good this record is.

Spirit Possession Band Photo

Spirit Possession’s sound has a cool, freestyle feel to it at times, not in a prog metal kind of way but often leaning towards a black metal-inspired, almost avant garde style of jazz, if that makes sense. The band’s ability to shift back and forth from straight-up, elbow-throwin’, mosh pit grooves to a thrashy, free-form version of black metal is impressive, to say the least.

Spirit Possession is a must buy. They’re rockin’ a sound that’s eight miles deep and six miles wide, and Spirit Possession make it work start to finish. Hands down, this is the best black metal I’ve heard in a long, long time. It’s loud; it’s abrasive, and it’s heavy as hell; even Satan holds on for dear life when this record gets played. Buy this record NOW.

Purchase Spirit Possession at Profound Lore Records. 

Purchase Spirit Possession on Bandcamp.



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