The new acoustic EP from Albany-based band State Champs makes you want to fall in love, whether it is with a person or the new songs the band has created.

With four new songs, including single “Crying Out Loud,” and two reimagined acoustic songs, “Dead and Gone,” and fan favorite, “Criminal,” the Unplugged EP is the perfect blend of what the band does best.

They prove that the fundamental melody of a song should be able to stand out and give the song a live of its own, no matter what instrumentals are behind it. We see this on “Criminal” and “Dead and Gone.” Though the songs have been stripped back, they do not lose any part of what fans love about it. The acoustic guitars behind the melody fit like a piece of a puzzle and give the songs a new, refreshing feeling.

As for the new songs, “A Thousand Hearts” is one that sticks out, especially opening the EP. The lyrics are touching as Derek DiScanio, the lead singer, sings, “a thousand hearts could have bloomed here before; you came into view and it had to be yours.” The sounds of a saxophone complete the ambiance that makes this a heartfelt love song.

“The Recipe” and “10 AM” are very dependent on the vocals of both DiScanio and Ryan Scott Graham, who both blend melodies and harmonies seamlessly. On “The Recipe,” the band talks about how this love means everything and the theme stays pretty consistent throughout the rest of the EP.

This release comes as part of the band’s 10th anniversary celebration and marks their first release since their last album, Living Proof, in 2018.

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