Huck Dunter EP

Stayce’s Huck Dunter EP is a lesson in the fine art of noise rock. With the subtle tinge of emo thrown in, the album is mostly just a cacophony of guitars and drums, sounding at best like Thurston Moore’s fever dreams and at worst like strangely rhythmic loose change in the laundromat washer/dryers on the album’s cover.

There’s something new every listen, with the drowned out vocals of “Apologies” coming through like radio static, and the feedback-laden “Basement” weaving in and out of melodic like a drunk trying to make it to his front door. “Rack Hole” is pure noise, a spitting, driving dissonance that is entirely unapologetic. Bringing up the rear is the stand out “Same”, knocking you down with the sheer force of the instrumental opening and kicking you while you’re down with the shaky, swallowing razors quality of the vocals.

There’s a melody, a rhyme and reason to the noise here. You just have to listen hard and look close, like finding a piece of hay in a stack of extremely sharp needles. (Amber Bettis)