Suicide Silence
You Can’t Stop Me
(Nuclear Blast)

Few bands have captured the attention of so many people around the world in such a short amount of time like the deathcore/grindcore hybrid Suicide Silence. Coming off with a strong debut in The Cleansing, they toured the world non-stop and exploded when their second album No Time To Bleed was released. Selling 14,000+ copies in the first week of their next album The Black Crown, Suicide Silence solidified their stamp in metal history as a standout, ground breaking act. Tragically, Mitch’s life was cut short when he wrecked his motorcycle in 2012. Almost a year later, following a lot of doubts whether or not the band would continue to go on, they announced that ex-All Shall Perish singer Eddie Hermida will be the new vocalist for the band. The new album, You Can’t Stop Me, will be finally released in July.

Now that you have been brought up to speed on the history of the band, let’s talk on why You Can’t Stop Me might just be their best album to date. While I personally had some doubts to letting Eddie front the band (I was rooting for team Big Chocolate quite honestly), they were quickly vanquished as soon as the opening track “Inherit The Crown” started. Head banging grooves bring the record off with a bang, along with a new side of Eddie Hermida that I felt has never been expressed before. You can really feel the emotion that this track expresses, right down to every guitar strum and every bass drum hit, it’s all there. Eddie sounds like a possessed demon that’s not quite ready to be exorcised yet, ushering in a new era of the band that will no doubt be remembered.

There is a newfound sense of song writing abilities that were never addressed before, evident on the intro for “Sacred Words.” Pulling off an emotive vibe, the intro wall is quickly crushed as a wall of guitars blow through it. In a live setting, this will be a fan favorite track to play, especially with the chant “All this life I’ve stood here waiting / For your sacred words to come down and save me.” It really showcases the amount of improvement that the band has taken since The Black Crown, building upon subtle melodies and turn on a dime transitioning to face slamming breakdowns. Another thing that must be pointed out is that despite the celebrity status Mitch attained for his uniquely brutal vocals, it can be overlooked that the musicians are more than talented in their own right, though I don’t see a lot of people really talking about that.

Take “Control” is exactly what happens on the next track. It’s really noticeable on the record that they have refined their intensity and brought forth a new sense of intricacy. For the most part, it seemed like they would go fast with their music and sometimes overlook the small details, but here they really took notice and upped every aspect of their sound. The real kicker is when Corpsegrinder comes in and just slays like he is known to do. I know for a fact that if this is done live on Mayhem Fest, people will go mental over it.

For a real throwback, they went and re-recorded the phenomenal track “Ending Is The Beginning.” While the original was a snapshot in time of a still-developing band, they really tickled long time fan’s nostalgia gland with this one. It’s vastly superior, the obvious part with the clarity, but also with Eddie projecting new depths and screams that just weren’t evident on the original. While it can be viewed as a homage to the classic sound, sometimes it’s best to state that the newer version is better in every way, while also bringing back some of the classic sounds that you don’t hear much of any more, like that 1-2-3-4 snare hit, the beginner band guitar riffs that so many bands of that era utilized, and the syncopated drum hits that run tandem with the guitar string bends.

Chris, Mark, Alex, and Dan are all on top of their game with You Can’t Stop Me. Everything is tighter, heavier, and all around vastly superior than before. Replacing such an iconic frontman like Mitch Lucker would have seemed to be an impossible task until he passed away, but they certainly called it and hit that problem right on the nose with Eddie Hermida. This is honestly better than anything he’s done with All Shall Perish and I will be looking forward to their new future with Nuclear Blast Entertainment. RIP Mitch Lucker, your spirit lives on and will be remembered. (Ridge Briel)

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