Peaches by Sunglass Moustach was just released May 15, but this album will definitely be the one that solidifies them as a staple, Austin-based, psychedelic powerhouse.

To give you an idea of the kind of madness we’re dealing with, Peaches also made a film about to go with the album, which can be viewed above. The name of the record isn’t just a metaphor; the film actually focuses on Peaches, the fruit. It’s weird, wild, and we highly recommend you watch it.

But, just because the record has a weird theme, don’t assume the music is going to be silly or an afterthought. Sunglass Moustache play with sounds, layers, and psychedelic elements to make something raw, fun, and playful, layering samples, instrumentation, and vocals together.

The band recorded Peaches at Good Danny’s in Lockhart, Texas and Cacophony Recorders in Austin. The record was mixed and mastered by Erik Wofford who has worked with groups such as Black Angels, Bill Callahan, My Morning Jacket, and White Denim.


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