Surfbort burst onto the scene in 2015 as Brooklyn’s hottest punk band. They had a meteoric rise that culminated with band featured in a Gucci campaign, and lead singer Dani Miller plastered across billboards. Beyond that the band was best known as a ragtag group of hardcore punks that kicked some serious ass.

The 2017 EP Bort To Death was rough around the edges and the group’s debut Friendship Music continued that theme to great effect. Keep On Truckin’ is slightly more polished. The production quality is improved greatly for better or worse.

Much like contemporaries Amyl and The Sniffers latest record this LP shows the band transforming from just another kick ass hardcore band into something more lyrically potent. From the opening track FML it’s clear that this is a record of deeply felt emotions as well as ramshackle punk spirit.

In the lines “FML I want to kill myself/I didn’t get what I wanted/I can’t sleep I can’t eat might as well get high”, the Miller ponders on the low points of life. The record goes on to cover just about every feeling from hopelessness to suffering.

All that being said this record doesn’t completely abandon the sound the band built their career on. It’s still just as boisterous and uncontrolled as fans have become accustomed to, and I mean that in the best way possible. The track “White Claw Enema Bong Hit” has the distinction of being probably the best song title of the year while also being a riot of fun. Fans of anything noisy, loud, and fucked up will surely find something to love here.

Keep on Truckin’ is out on Inner Freak. 

Find out more about Surfbort here. 

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