The inimitable, the unstoppable, the legendary Suzi Quatro has dug deep into her rock ‘n roll soul for her new record, The Devil In Me, dropping March 26 via Steamhammer / SPV Records—and what a record it is.

The Devil In Me finds Quatro going back to her 70’s roots, plugging in, and doing what she does best: rocking.

If I didn’t know this was a record released in 2021, I’d swear this was Quatro circa her mid-70s output, it’s that goddamn good—in fact, it’s gold.  Because The Devil In Me is so stellar, I doubt modern rock or classic rock radio here in the States will pay attention to The Devil In Me. To be honest, I’d rather hear “Betty Who” or the title track, “The Devil In Me,” than “Smoke on the Water” for the billionth time.

I’m continually shocked how talented and under the radar Suzi Quatro is. She’s a legitimate icon and yet we don’t talk about her or mention her as much as we should. On The Devil In Me, she drops a track like “My Heart and Soul,” a Christmas song, and then switches up with “Motor City Riders”—who does that? And yet it all works because this is the blood that flows through her veins. This is natural for her.

Suzi Quatro

Let’s talk about these two tracks for a moment. If you didn’t know my “My Heart and Soul” was written and performed in the present, you’d swear it was something circa late 60s/early 70s from the Motown scene. “Motor City Riders” is a bluesy track that equally channels notions of The Bay City Rollers and Elton John. It’s equal parts pop and rock, constantly riding a hard edge and kicking ass every step of the way.

A lot of modern-day rock bands have tried to steal her musical blueprint but failed because they didn’t live through this era; they didn’t record then, but Quatro did, and that’s key. The Devil In Me pulls from her 57 years of making music and performing live, and this album is a PhD class in how to make rock ‘n roll the right way.

This is the best record Quatro has made to date and a must-buy. She’s a powerhouse performer and her voice sounds better than ever.

Pre-order The Devil In Me here.

Visit Suzi Quatro’s official website here.


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