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Swedish trio Svvamp may have created a near-perfect debut record here; however, that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect record. It’s pretty far from it. Yet, Svvamp does a great job of showcasing a band who has honed in on a sound, executed it very well, and hinting at the promise of greatness to come. The group specialize in a gloriously retro form of psych rock that is more Cream, Free, and CCR, and their decision to record this record live gives these tunes some extra flair. When Svvamp is at their best (“Oh, Girl”, “Burning Down”) the results are groovy and electrifying. I wasn’t alive in the 60s and 70s, but the album transports the listener back into the land of peace signs and free love. I’m no hippie, but there are definitely times when jamming Svvamp that the desire hits.

As mentioned, the album certainly has some weak spots. The slower, folkier tracks (“Free At Last”, “Big Rest”, and “Set My Foot and Leave”) lack the same vibrant energy the best songs on here have. There are also a few other ditties that don’t quite stick, resulting in a partially frustrating up and down listen. However, and this is important, the group’s talent and the overall sound of the record really help buoy the album, even at its weakest. Svvamp are mining classic territory that few others are, and they do it really well. They have the skill and potential to really make some noise among fans of classically tuned psych rock, and while their debut isn’t a home run, it’s certainly a single or a double. It’s a good start, for sure.

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