I Optikon
(Housecore Records)

Italy’s SYK might not be as well noticed yet, but there’s something certainly intriguing about this act made up of members of the avant/grind/noise act Psychofagist. I love experimental approaches, and will admit that there are definitely some odd time signatures to be had here amongst robotic filtered background vocals and what can often feel like angry chants hurled towards mechanical deities by the band’s frontwoman Dailia Kayros. The band definitely attempts to create a sort of atmosphere with the work, but it ends up being sort of a weird cross between Ephel Duath’s Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness (2013) and Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches’ Salem’s Doom (2015). Obviously we also have to denote the djent element, which brings in ye olde Meshuggah influence, even though it’s a bit more airy and not quite so harsh as the robotic fist to the face that Violent Sleep Of Reason was. I can even compare it to SubRosa a little bit, making it a sound as if from a completely different stratosphere. The record itself doesn’t encroach much over thirty minutes, but it doesn’t leave you hanging either. With songs varying anywhere from six to three minutes in length, the listener can truly see that SYK are not the kind of band interested in boundaries, walls or borders. But honestly, this whole thing is going to work much better on the stage and maybe we’ll see them perform during Housecore Horrorfest 2017.

You see, the whole thing lends it’s way to art, which would work so much better as a performance than it does here on the disc. That isn’t saying that you shouldn’t pick up this disc – you should by all means, if you’re looking for something outlandish which features more done with djent riffs than most bands – it’s just that I could really see something uncanny coming from this act on the stage. There aren’t really any promotional photos of the band yet, and as far as I can see; they don’t have much of an image at the moment – but I really think this obscure sound coupled with such a great image could make them a fucking household name in the industry. Perhaps it’s improper manners to curse, but I literally do feel that SYK are the kind of act people might will either forget after December (the record really should have released during the Spring cycle of 2017) or will be talking about for the next decade or more. As I said, these gentlemen have turned djent into an atmosphere, and Kayros is the icing on the cake. You can’t really go wrong with something like this if you’re looking for an absolutely bizarre and surreal heavy metal experience. The bottom line is that we just haven’t heard anything even remotely like this before – and I don’t think we’re going to forget it anytime soon. If I were to bet my chips, I would bet that this is only the beginning for an act that just plain makes weird music. Additionally, this would probably be one hell of an experience if the listener were high on acid or mushrooms, so um… smoke em’ if you got em?

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