It Never Ends
(Breakup Records)

The third release from San Francisco indie noise pop five-piece has set the bar pretty damn high for their follow up.

Most of the seven songs off of It Never Ends catches a band carving out its own sound in an already eclectic Bay Area music scene. The sometimes distorted, sometimes swirling guitars are constantly battling the keyboards here, but its Robby Cronholm’s vocals (formerly of the band Crumb) that manage to best both soaring above the noise. The keyboardist Laura Dean sings back up on most of the songs, but it’s when she takes a larger role trading off vocals with Cronholm, on songs like “Your Other Left” and “Mulholland Drive,” that the band is at its best. One or two of the songs on the release start to sound repetitive, but taken as a whole, the album is impressive.

While there are snatches of early and mid ‘90s alt rock band influences that can be heard though out, Taxes’ overall sound is impressively original. Can’t wait to hear what’s next. (John B. Moore)

Purchase It Never Ends here.

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