Terminal Bliss is a punk rock supergroup which features brothers Chris (vocals) and Mike (guitar) Taylor of Pg. 99 and Pygmy Lush along with drummer Ryan Parrish of Iron Reagan and Darkest Hour, and bassist Adam Juresko of City Of Caterpillar. Though, calling them a “supergroup” is a bit a misnomer, since that title smacks of rich rockstars, with bloated budgets and egos, making less than compelling music.

Terminal Bliss is more of a collection of punk lifers and friends, who have come together to put out some killer and vital hardcore punk, that rails against the ills of modern society.

Did I mention that it’s fast, brutal and to the point? It is. Not one song on this 10 track EP goes over the two minute mark. The longest song “Hidden Handed Artificial Harassment Run Amok” tops out at 1:47, while the shortest, “Anthropodmorbid” is only :27. In fact, each song is a mini-explosion of corrosive guitars, pounding drums, whipsaw dynamics and shouted impassioned vocals, that will get your blood pumping. The whole EP clocks in at a lean 10:42.

Brute Err/ata is one crucial shot of hardcore for these trying times. Terminal Bliss have laid all their cards on the table and delivered one rip-snorter of a debut. Its brevity might be a turn off to some, but that just means TB do, and say more, in a shorter time span than some bands take in double, or even triple, the time. (Plus, once it’s you finish listening to it, you’ll just want to play it again. It’s that good.)

You will want this in your collection.

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