There may just be two years between Territories debut LP and this six-song EP, but the Calgary-based band has evolved their sound impressively in that time. That’s not to say that debut was bad, but their latest effort, When The Day Is Done, finds a band more confident in both their music and sound, leaning toward strong melodic punk rock (think Bouncing Souls or Descendents) with an even stronger politically confident voice.

One of the most compelling songs here, “The Lockdown,” tackles the school shooter drills kids now have to contend with. Lest you think politics is all the band is about, ‘Quit This City” is a deceptively sweet song about a couple who have each other, their kids and are looking for a simpler life – even though it’s not a characteristically punk track, it happens to be the band’s best song yet.

Territories is also adept at switching from hard charging punk anthems, like the opening “Second Son” or the equally energetic “Defender” and “SOS” to more musically measured fare, like the “The Lockdown” or “Quit The City.”

The only real downside to this record is the frustratingly short length – you’re bound to wear out a path to the turntable, flipping the album over and starting again. Here’s hoping it’s just a tease for a longer record on the horizon.

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