Terror (Cleveland)
Legion of Gore 7″ EP
(Hells Headbangers)

Let’s quickly establish that this is the Terror from Cleveland. Besides the reigning hamps of American Hardcore, Terror can mean two other US Metal bands and a Litany of international bands. This band, again from Cleveland, is helmed by Brian Sekula. From 1987 to 1995, this group released twelve demos. They ended in 1995. Twenty years later, they pit out two new tracks of evil, treacherous metal. Hell’s Headbangers captures the mayhem on red wax.

Sekula recruits new blood for this iteration. Vocalist/guitarist Brian Sekula himself has rocked in a long history of bands, including Nunslaughter, Mortician, and Bloodsick. Steeped in pedigree, Terror is comprised of some legendary names this time around. Legion of Gore shows Sekula joined by ex-Incantation/Goreaphobia drummer Jim Roe.

“Carving Techniques” starts eerily with blades being sharpened. The wriggly guitar line is ripping over double-bass march. There is a thrash groove. The song, at the bridge, pounds into a head first death metal march. Dive bomb guitar lead that turns into a chainsaw like rip, switches to a vocal tirade over a slow, churning breakdown. The lyrics are gory and unapologetic as they revel in a victim’s murder. A soaring lead is ridden over a thunderous, thick gallop. The parts recycle until the five minute track ends. It’s heavy and evil.

“Legion of Gore” kicks in and kicks ass. The pummeling drums do their work while a tight riff is dark and heavy. Growled lyrics of blasphemy are spit through the speakers. This track is six minutes. Twisted lyrics and twisting guitar lines feed a furious beat. The middle third of the track speeds up and pushes forward, noodling guitars and screams feed the beast. The last third is a super-charged race to the finish.

Terror play gore-soaked death metal, with a variety of sections that derive thrash influences. The vocals are from guttural, palatable while still being evil. (no Obituary or Suffocation vomit vox) The music is heavy, thick production doing it deserved justice. Only two songs are a bit of a disappointment, but after twenty years, it’s more than recently. They are two fun songs. Big sound and heavy as hell. Let’s hope we get more. (Hutch)

RIYL: Slayer, Death, Incantation, Repulsion, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Exhumed

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