Legion of Gore
(Hells Headbangers)

This album is dedicated to the memory of the band’s former guitarist, Alex Sekula. His brother Brian Sekula is now on the guitar, bringing forth a performance that is as much as thrash as it is classic death metal, reminded me of acts like Deceased, early Death, Pestilence and several other timelessly classic death metal acts. Folks, they just don’t fucking make it like this anymore. Opener “Carving Techniques” is only five minutes and some change, but it offers more than I’ve heard from the modern death metal scene in decades. I guess we could say, before it was the modern death metal scene. These Cleveland vets help to remind me when America was still a strong country, with strong death metal values. Remember, we created this kind of music only to later water it down into mush. But prison food is not what you’ll find here (even though I think they just do like ramen packs or something?) as the textures, compositions and effort put forth into the vocals alone outshine at least two-thousand or more acts doing the genre today. There are only two tracks on this entire release, but with such effort put into writing songs, the songs feel by and large much longer than they seem. Terror seem to know how to flow one composition into another, to make something that sounds like real musical art, instead of a band merely trying to be as brutal and over the top as humanly possible. I also might add that Sekula doesn’t growl as one would think, which was actually very common for the genre before the whole “cookie monster” thing became popular and overused. There’s nothing wrong with that technique and it can be used successfully, but a record like this is worth it’s weight in gold. If you’re a fan of Terror, you’ve already bought this EP. There’s no doubt in my mind that Alex Sekula was a huge loss to the genre and hopefully the new lineup will be able to deliver just as masterful a performance as was offered here. Run, don’t walk, to the record store and purchase this as soon as it becomes available. Death metal fans worldwide should not be upset with the sheer vibrancy of the two pieces offered. Chances are that you’ll play them far more than just once. (The Grim Lord)

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