There’s been a lot of news surrounding Testament lately, mostly surrounding one unfortunate discovery—Chuck Billy tested positive for Covid-19. So be sure to send the lads in Testament some love because holy shit, that’s scary. The good news is Testament have a new album coming out, and it hits hard.

Titans of Creation comes out April 3 through Nuclear Blast, and the old thrashers have continued to sound better with age. Their old-school thrash roots are well-represented, but the band still continues their slight progressive bent with plenty of groove lines in the bass and vocal experimentation.

Some personal favorites for me are “The Healers,” “Night of the Witch,” “Catacombs” (that old school synth line, man), and “City of Angels,” though there wasn’t a single song I didn’t like on this record.

There isn’t anything markedly poignant to say about Titans of Creation. There aren’t really any grand theses or readily available social critiques popping up. It’s just good, well-aged thrash from one of the best old-guard bands out there. Send some love to Chuck, and make sure you check this out. It’ll make your self-quarantine a lot less droll.

Preorder the album here.


Ben Serna-Grey is a musician and writer from the Pacific Northwest. His fiction and poetry have appeared in Apex Magazine, Bending Genres, Broadswords and Blasters, Two Cities Review, and others. He has sheet music published through Subito Music Publishing and also puts out experimental electronic/noise music as Mother Anxiety. He is also a contributor for Toilet Ov Hell and occasionally reviews short fiction on SFF Reviews.

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