The Afterimage
Lumière EP
(Tragic Hero Records)

For those aware of the Afterimage’s journey, their new EP Lumière is one that is a long time coming. After a series of singles from late 2012 to early 2014 that seemingly led to nowhere, many thought The Afterimage were done for. But now in mid 2015, it is apparent The Afterimage are far from done, they are only getting started.

Lumière, an eight track EP featuring four re-recorded tracks, is a trip through the Afterimage’s discography mixed with a taste of their present; the road they’ve travelled and the intersection they have arrived at. When the Afterimage released “The Unseen” two years ago, revealing their new style. Unveiling a progressive metal track reminiscent of Dance Gavin Dance, Issues, and the Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, many were pleasantly shocked. Many however, were disappointed The Afterimage strayed from their earlier, heavier sound. The inclusion of clean vocals, more melodious guitars, and a jubilant aura proved to be too much for old fans to handle. I personally find their refined sound to be a better fit for the band; the diversity and numerous dynamics of the band, as well as its seasoned-rather-than-drowned heaviness give the band a dynamic rare and fresh to this scene, one that will prove to catapult The Afterimage to the top.

The Afterimage have a remarkable sound, each track on this EP stands alone worthy of praise. The combination of catchy choruses, intricate guitar work, energetic drum work, musical diversity, and sheer talent makes Lumière a diamond in the rough. Although “Seeking”, “Unseen”, and “Onyx” are mastodon entities within themselves, my favorite tracks on Lumière are two of the new cuts: “Follow” and “Distance”. “Follow” is special for many of the same reasons as every other song on Lumière: Its impeccable catchiness, its fantastic song structure, its creative heaviness, and its kooky guitar work, however “Follow” has such a unique melody to its chorus. It’s so radiant and exhilarating above all the others. Frankly, it’s hard to classify any of these songs as “better” than another, but based on that quality alone, “Follow” is hard not to classify as a top contender.

As for ”Distance”, it’s fantastic in a similar, yet polar opposite way to the rest of Lumière. “Distance” is an R&B infused, soulful jam of longing and frustration, the closest thing to a ballad this EP has seen. Its mood and energy is so different from any other song, and for that it is my – for lack of a better word- favorite.

I feel now, after such a long period of waiting and anticipating, that part of the majesty of Lumière is its actual existence, the actual, physical manifestation of tracks so long in the making. A rare benefit for a release to have; one a lesser EP may have not recovered from. (Dillon Mitchler)

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