The Algorithm
Brute Force

What’s been most impressive about The Algorithm’s career is watching the one-man group evolve over each album. What started as a unique and insane mix of tech metal and glitchy electronic with Polymorphic Code was significantly smoothed out on Octopus4, which felt like The Algorithm became more comfortable being an actual electronic artist. With the group’s third full-length, we hear the band hitting a sweet spot down the middle, with an album that is equally comfortable executing really interesting electronic passages and hard synths as it is hitting the blast beats and post-Meshuggah riffs hard. Much of Brute Force sounds like how I’d imagine Periphery or Born of Osiris would write a Tron soundtrack, and if that sounds interesting to you, stop reading this already.

What has always been impressive about The Algorithm is their album-based songwriting style. All three of their albums are designed to be enjoyed together and not as singles. As enjoyable as break-out single “Trojans” from their first record, the entirety of Brute Force is consistently enjoyable; it’s clear Remi Gallego has become much more comfortable in his writing styles. Songs have momentum, and the progressions are really well done. This isn’t merely an insane mash-up of two dissonant styles; Brute Force is a tour-de-force of excellent heavy computerized music. It’s astounding how well realized it all is.

The Algorithm continue to tweak their sound to find the right balance between tech metal and electronic music. Thankfully, on album number three, the group have realized their potential with a very impressive mash-up record. I don’t know if you can bring a guitar into the Tron universe, but now we know what that would sound like. (Nicholas Senior)

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