The Body and Full Of Hell
One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache
(Neurot Recordings)

Long standing Portland based doom/noise magnates The Body and Maryland grinders Full Of Hell are respected torch carriers and innovators in their scene who have finally collaborated together to deliver the soundtrack to the Apocalypse in the form of a split album entitled One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache. For anyone that has been curious or interested in expanding their musical tastes into the darker and more nihilistic side of the spectrum, this is a very good starting point that will push sonic boundaries out even further for inhabitants of the genre when released to the public. Both bands are touring warhorses and have a growing catalog amongst them with genre defining 2015 collaborative releases pinning The Body with NOLA misanthropes Thou (You, Whom I’ve Always Hated) and Full Of Hell with noise pioneer Merzbow (S/T). Looking closely at it, it was just a matter of time when these two would cross paths and do something together. Neurot Recordings has done heavy music a blessing by documenting and releasing this collaboration that would make a suitable companion to a read along of Dante’s Inferno. With Full Of Hell’s message of hostility and provocation combined with The Body’s monolithic tone of turmoil and anguish, these two are a proven testament that the boundaries of grind and noise can be throttled out further into new beautiful and unforgiving plateaus.

One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache wastes no time laying into the listener with the opening title track which showcases Full Of Hell’s abrasive assault and segues into The Body’s heavy and brooding sound. Violent guitar work, piercing snarls and blast beats being delivered from the Maryland quartet mixes very well with the droning guitar work, chilling howls and war drum percussion work from the Portland duo. From that, Full Of Hell unleash their trademark use of samples and electronics for the “Fleshworks” track, an element that’s actually prevalent throughout the album (“Fleshworks”, “Himmel Und Hölle”, “Bottled Urn” ). The album also pays tribute to the iconic Leonard Cohen with a hellish rendition of “The Butcher” which features Full Of Hell vocalists Dylan Walker and The Body vocalist Chip King trading off snarls and wails that turn the track from a traditional folk song into a doomsday message. From there, the album pitfalls the listener into further depths of violence, melancholy and harshness that the two churn out together with ease, leaving no room for peace and properly will have the listener cowering in terror into a corner upon completion.

Without a doubt, One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache is a welcoming addition to the Neurot Recordings catalog and sure to be a landmark release in the realm of all heavy music. It is an absolute assault on your senses that will leave an imprint for years to come and not be forgotten. For maximum experience, listen at full volume in a cold, bare and unclean room with flickering lights while half naked and in a deranged state.
(Matthew Hutchison)

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