The Bottle Rockets
South Broadway Athletic Club
(Bloodshot Records)

The Bottle Rockets are one of the biggest names in the Alt Country scene and one of the few originals still playing live. Today many artists openly reject the genre label, but in its heyday bands like Uncle Tupelo and The Jayhawks took their blend of rock and country to the pages of No Depression and the hearts of a new audience. The music influenced numerous acts and helped to elevate roots based genres. Since 1992, The Bottle Rockets have continued to record and tour, spreading their gritty country rock blend.

Much like their contemporaries, Drive by Truckers, the band excels at writing lyrics that are relatable. The simple “Dog” is an ode to the proverbial Man’s Best Friend. They express the universal frustration of the beginning of the workweek on opener “Monday (Everytime I Turn Around)” an upbeat introduction full of twang. Things slow down on “Ship it on the Frisco” which has a retro groove that is reminiscent of The Band.

The Bottle Rockets are back with an energetic rock album, full of catchy hooks. The heart of these songs is tied to the guitar, which gives the songs an edge that the roots based influences could not. As usual, these songs seem written specifically with live performance in mind, although they still translate well on record.
(Dustin Blumhagen)

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