The Bulemics
Something Wicked This Way Comes
(Slope Records)

River City ragers The Bulemics have been an integral force in the Austin, TX hardcore punk scene since their formation in 1996 and after a long hiatus from releasing a new album, they are marking twenty years of violence and intensity in the Lone Star state and abroad by unleashing their new album Something Wicked This Way Comes on Slope Records. I first discovered these cats thanks to the Man’s Ruin Records split between them and River City Rapists and immediately bought the 10” they released with Kozik after that! Set with thirteen choice cuts of chaotic and balls out punk rock fury that only The Bulemics know how to deliver, Something Wicked This Way Comes stomps on the listener’s face and reinforces that ATX gets accolades along the likes of Los Angeles, New York and Detroit as being a hotbed for the underground punk scene. The lineup for the Something Wicked This Way era consists of anchored veterans Gerry Atric (vocals) and Wes Texas (rhythm guitars) while adding the new flesh of Ginch (lead guitar) Rob Graves (bass) and Machete (drums).

The album kicks off with an authoritative Baptist preacher on amphetamines – like message delivered Bushwick Bill (of Geto Boys fame) and includes stand out tracks like the hard charging and pissed raw “Back In The Day”, the rolling riffs of chops of Wes and Ginch of “Slither” and “Revenge” and concluding track “Tonight We Kill.” If you appreciate the “musical” hostility of Zeke and The Hookers along with the substance of Dwarves and Fuck Emos, then The Bulemics are a group you would appreciate in your life and on your turntable.

Grab a copy of Something Wicked This Way Comes by The Bulemics on limited edition ox blood vinyl here at the Slope Records Discogs page, SATAN COMMANDS YOU! (Matthew Hutchison)


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