The Bunny The Bear
A Liar Wrote This
(Victory Records)

In a lot of ways, The Bunny The Bear, at least thus far, has taking the idea of experimental music very seriously. The group’s previous outings showed an bold electronic/hardcore style that highlighted the abrasive aspects of both styles. No matter your stance on the band, there was no question that The Bunny The Bear didn’t tread in subtlety. That’s what makes the band’s fourth release (and first with new Bear, Haley Roback) so impressive. A Liar Wrote This is no less adventurous than the band’s daringly polarizing past; however, by focusing on melody and songcraft, The Bunny The Bear has offered up its best work yet.

Interestingly, this fourth album sees the band really diluting its hardcore past down with increasing electronic, pop, and indie rock influences.  More interestingly, the band does so to great effect. Sure, “The Bunny” still offers up a bounty of pained screams, but that only serves to punctuate how solid the songwriting is on A Liar Wrote This. It’s surprising because, aside from bits and pieces of Food Chain, the band was more of a musical mad scientist, focusing on mashing together sounds to jarring effects. This latest release goes further down the melodic rabbit hole that the band hadn’t explored much yet. By presenting the best songs of the band’s career, A Liar Wrote This showcases a surprisingly hooky honesty. These songs have a surprising amount of emotional heft to them, now that the band has stripped its sound down.

If there’s a complaint to be levied against A Liar Wrote This, it’s that The Bunny The Bear doesn’t go far enough in its sonic experimentation. Many of the songs feel somewhat homogeneous, sticking to a mid-tempo template just a bit too strongly. It makes faster, more in-your-face songs like “Loose Lips” that much more effective. That said, it’s a minor complaint for a very surprising release. The Bunny The Bear has been too adventurous for its britches at times, but it seems like their songwriting chops have met up with their sense of adventure; this makes it their best release yet. (Nicholas Senior)

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