Indisputably Carnivorous is the musical equivalent to the wildest ride of your life. Imagine if you will you get in the car with a friend of a friend or acquaintance – you know they are a tad over-the-top with their jokes and demeanor, but you are not prepared for what comes next. “Buckle Up,” they say with a snort and a chortle. “I know; it’s the law, weirdo,” you retort, not heeding the driver’s unspoken warning. What follows is a 45-minute gleefully hellish ride from a maniacal conductor. This is an extreme metal joyride with only a few speedbumps along the way.

Like anything unexpected, it’s always the beginning that hits the hardest. The opening trio of “Corruptor Infestor,” “Disturbing Roars at Twilight,” and the title track showcase The Day Of The Beast at their very best – black, thrash, and death are all employed in equal measure to deliver the sharpest riffs with the most evil aura possible. However, where Indisputably Carnivorous succeeds best is the clear emphasis on melody. Whether it’s the delightfully evil thrash-y lead in “Corruptor/Infestor” or one of the most playful guitar solos in recent extreme metal history in “Disturbing Roars at Twilight”, it reveals a knowing sense of meta knowledge within all the shock and menace. If the band are still that insane driver, the threads of melody are the moments where you, terrified passenger, realize to your own horror, how much damn fun you’re having. It’s all simply because The Day Of The Beast do want you to have a great time.

Like even the most thrilling of rides, the middle is the hardest to get right once the shock wears off. To the band’s credit, Indisputably Carnivorous doesn’t really have much of a let down after the initial roar of the record’s initial three-headed monster – though there are portions of “Enter the Witch House” and “On Top Many Layers of Horror” that feel like the band are settled in. These are the moments that our passenger starts to become acclimated to all the unholiness around them (are we in Hell? Cool!), where the ride feels most safe. To be fair, it’s partly because both of these tracks feel the most in one metallic lane (thrash and death, respectively) compared to the remainder of the record that feels like a rather toxic witches’ brew.

Those moments of safety are short lived, as certain “Black Forms Materialize and we meet “Judas in Hell be Proud”. The retro heavy metal intro to the latter feels like that gleeful slow-mo part in every action horror climax, all beautiful viscera splatters and vibrant terror. Like the beginning of the record, the final three tracks here help showcase how astounding The Day Of The Beast can be when they are firing at all cylinders (gas to the floor for our Driver?).

So where does that leave us? The Day Of The Beast have absolutely delivered one Hell of a thrill ride with their Prosthetic debut. Indisputably Carnivorous takes the wheel from stylistic forebears like Skeletonwitch, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Revocation and provides a wonderful sonic road trip.

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