The End Of The Ocean are set to release their sophomore record, -aire, via Equal Vision Records on January 18, 2019. Hailing from the heart of the midwest, Columbus, Ohio, the five-piece band have made a name for themselves in the post-rock scene for almost a decade.

It’s easy to see why with their release of -aire: a triumphant blend of instrumental post rock with soft fringes of rich, cinematic elements. The band have composed a well-rounded batch of music for listeners beyond the post-rock genre structure with warm, harmonic intros which lead into bombastic and textured transitions.

While the intro to the record sets the precedence for the album, it’s the punchy transitions which give -aire it’s longevity. Starting with “endure” and “bravado,” the beginning of the record is a juxtaposition of elegant warmth and vigorously kinetic energy.

The instrumentation on -aire is cohesive without being assertive, a true journey into the depth of post-rock anyone can appreciate. Before the halfway point into -aire, “jubilant” shines as a glimmer of pop sensibility in the landscape of crescendos. An epic in itself, the first half of -aire seems to tell a positive story or characteristic in the form of instrumental music.

Gritty in all the right ways, their single “homesick” shines as the blend between light and dark. The defining moment of the record is held in the textured transitions in the track. Heading into the second act of -aire, “forsaken” has a brooding sense of instrumentation with grunge-heavy influence.

Leading into the downtempo and orchestral track “redemption,” both songs focus on heavier crescendos and guitar breaks. Closing the harmonic and instrumental journey are “desire” and “birthright.” Both showcase the hard work The End Of The Ocean have presented in their sophomore record -aire. A true collaboration of metal intervals and heavy equalization, the marriage between light and dark has symbolism in this record. Equal parts polished and classical, -aire has something for everyone to enjoy as a beautiful piece of post-rock goodness.

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