The Lion’s Daughter
Existence Is Horror
(Season Of Mist)

Sludge metal is all the rage in 2015, but few bands have successfully blended it with the intensity of black metal without having to sacrifice some essential component. Enter The Lion’s Daughter, who have generously supplied a blueprint on blackened sludge metal with their new album Existence Is Horror. Too often, the speed and ferocity is let go in favor of the slow and heavy route, but The Lion’s Daughter take no prisoners. Using fierce bass-driven aggression throughout the album, they utilize every instrument to its full capacity in terms of the somewhat limiting black/sludge combo, while also exploring out of the element, as seen on the track “Dog Shaped Man.” Blast beats. Heavy grooves, and molasses-thickened heaviness, the track has it all.

Overall, the album has a lot of great ideas they throw in all at once, but they don’t fully explore each one. In a song, you will have doom metal parts, cold Norway blast beats, and some amazing synth work, however it’s all kind of thrown in together. While it’s done with a great amount of skill and talent, some tracks feel like there could have been more to draw on certain patterns. Give the album a listen and see what you think, they’re a band I will be keeping an eye on. (Ridge Briel)

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