The English four-piece The Luka State are proving that guitar rock – despite countless of obits that have been written about its demise – is far from dead.

On their bombastic, guitars-to-11 debut, Fall In Fall Out, the band are fighting the good fight for rock music with machine gun drumming and feet on the distortion pedals. The result is an impressively lively collection of a dozen tracks (including the minute-long seemingly one note “Outro”).

The band does run the risk of sounding redundant on a couple of tracks, but those moments are few and far between. Songs like “Kicked in the Teeth,” which perfectly shows off Conrad Ellis’s range as a vocalist, and tracks like “Fake News” and “Girl” brings to mind a time when bands like Fall Out Boy still played pop punk music.

The band is not exactly forging new ground on their debut, but rather are reminding us about a well-trodden path that leads to music being fun again, spiked with driving bass lines, thundering drums and ear ringing guitars.  

Purchase this album.


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