If you’re unfamiliar with The Magnetic Fields, they have had a very eventful career and have been hugely influential in the indie genre. Their best-known work is the three-volume concept album 69 Love Songs, however, prior to the 1999 release, their discography was pretty bumping, and that includes The House of Tomorrow, the 1992 EP that is being reissued for the 30th anniversary. The remastered EP is something that old and new fans alike will want to check out, especially since it’s getting a nice remaster.

The House of Tomorrow is the first Magnetic Fields release to feature Stephen Merritt on vocals. His signature bass voice brings a calmness to each of these tracks, while delivering powerful lyrics and fun instruments. You can also see how they developed their form of writing their own brand of love songs with this release.

It starts off a bit slow with “Young and Insane.” A steady drum beat keeps all the instruments in time, and is joined by haunting vocals thanks to Merritt. It’s a great start to the album and perfectly shows what the other songs hold.

“Alien Being” is an instant classic. When The House of Tomorrow was originally released, this track wasn’t included on it. Thankfully, for their 1996 cassette release, they included it, and they’re including it on this reissue. The song flows so well, with distant guitar, a simple lead, chill drums, and Merritt’s voice, making this into a perfect song, and my personal favorite on this EP.

If you haven’t checked out The Magnetic Fields before, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. The House of Tomorrow comes in at roughly12 and a half minutes. It will take no time to listen to this, and will get you ready for their other albums, such as Holiday, and their highly revered 69 Love Songs

Be sure to give The House of Tomorrow a listen when it reappears on January 28 via Merge Records. And, for the first time, snag a copy on 12-inch vinyl so you can relive the early ’90s with this classic EP.

Check it out here.


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