The Raging Nathans premiered their fourth album, Waste My Heart, on June 4, via Rad Girlfriend Records.

The album kicks off with the title song and lead off single, ‘Waste My Heart.’ The song sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s fast. It’s expected; and therefore, the song is true comfort punk. Other tracks range from poppy to outrageous licks and slides, to hints of emo.

Additional highlights:

‘I Could Never Fall in Love With You’

The song opens with Buzzcocks-like reverb of “You got me” over and over and over again, before branching out into one more small verse. The song is super simple, cutesy, and the drums never quit.


What sounds like a secret ode to the band’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio, and the bucolic, ‘Remember’ also gives me flashbacks of watching Taking Back Sunday videos on Fuse in 2004.

‘Cemetery Drive’

Gorgeous guitar trills accompany The Raging’s Nathans’ most overtly goth song on the album about a lost love. It’s sweetly macabre.


‘Overworked’ is not a song to be overlooked. It is the millennial call for help in a culture that values quantity over quality at the expense of its sucker workforce. While it’s always easier to go the anarchist route of “burn it all down to hell,” I appreciate the song’s optimistic tone. The song has a blue collar, burnt out feel while showcasing melodic lyrics over the riffs. The vocals and the theme of the song reminds me of another Mid-West band, The Dopamines.

‘Shadow of Youth’

In ‘Shadow of Youth,’ The Raging Nathans do explore their crust punk side. It’s pissed, hasty, and Black Flag worthy.

The Raging Nathans

Each track fits like a ball and socket to its predecessor, leaving the listener with the strong bones of a complete album. In Waste My Heart, The Raging Nathans takes listeners on a music history lesson of punk over the last 25 years.

Find The Raging Nathans’ new album, Waste My Heart, here.


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