Political punk rock may be the only thing to save us as the world devolves into a realty show of xenophobia, unchecked capitalism, and rising ocean levels. And London-based punks The Restarts may have the ideal soundtrack to this shitshow.

This 12-track burst of fury and energy was written not long after singer/guitarist Robin Licker’s got back from doing humanitarian work in Palestine. And, as expected, Uprising doesn’t stray too far from their trademark, high-intensity, punk/ska hybrid with whiplash drums, a barrage of distorted chords, barked vocals, and justified anger, finding the band tearing through a litany of vital, global issues, from the denial of apartheid, Brexit, and refugees in the Calais Jungle to universal problems like homophobia and addiction.

Each song like a lit Molotov cocktail hurled into the world, the anger is almost palpable and the drive undeniable. Songs like the two-minute, ska-tinged “Shut Doors” and the brilliant anthem “Out and Proud” are among the band’s strongest in years. The four-minute-long album closer “New World Order” (that length alone is an anomaly for the band), with a synth lines running throughout is the one song that seems oddly out of place. But, with repeated listens, it eventually coalesces with the rest of the album.

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