Philadelphia’s premier rock band The Superweaks are doing double duty during COVID-19; releasing an EP to go along with their video game called Teenage Blob. Both are full of gritty guitars, savvy gang vocals and upbeat melodies. The game follows a teen animorphous blob who has to work to buy some new boots for The Superweaks gig. Team Lazerbeam created the short game to be “one tale of bands, butts and bootleg battlet0adz.” The EP stands alone as an incredibly catchy release, but coupled with the game it makes 2020 more enjoyable with their double drop.

“New Year” kicks the EP off with rattling reverb, a punchy track with strong guitar breaks and sing-song gang vocals reminiscent of B.C. (before COVID). Between “Paper Person” and “Tony Dark”, the game coupled with the EP brings whimsical and carefree adventure time to the forefront of skate and punk show culture. The guitar solo in “Tony Dork” keeps the game pushing forward towards the climactic ending of getting to the show.

Each song is curated for the game, which syncs up perfectly within a half hour of pure nonsensical fun. From teenage cliches like working at the mall and skateboarding to the gig, the tracks “Guitar Zero” and “Ghost Step” are full of rockstar energy as you crowdsurf through the gig. By the time the show is over, you’re headed to sleep after a night of bliss. The track “The Deepest Blue” is the outro to the game and EP. As the bass heavy track with cooing and layered vocals comes to a close, the first combination EP & game released ends. Luckily, you can just start them both over again.

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