If you’re a fan of dark music, lyrics that are resounding to what is happening around you, and really long band names, then you’re in luck! The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die are back on the scene with their new album Illusory Walls. It’s a great look into the minds of people who are slowly losing them while the world falls apart.

Taking roughly a year to write, and recorded remotely between Connecticut and Philadelphia due to the pandemic, the title Illusory Walls, which is taken from the video game Dark Souls, “refers to a hidden surface that seems to prevent entry, but upon inspection is nothing more than a visual illusion,” explains vocalist/guitarist David F. Bello.

Like many albums that have come out post-pandemic, this album examines the human condition in our society today as the hostile political climate and the band’s own personal struggles intersect. What comes forth is a darker, more somber sound than most fans of TWIABP are used to from the band, and it makes for new territory to explore, and great new music.

The first single off the album, “Invading the World of the Guilty as a Spirit of Vengeance,” is an apocalyptic look into this album, and it is probably the best single they could have led with. It features a ripping guitar lead, punchy synth, and drums that just don’t give up. This single is a great preview to what fans are in store for on this album.

A month after, they released “Queen Sophie For President,” a track that opens up on a bass line that seems inspired by The Cure, and quickly shapes into a TWIABP song. This song is more attune to their sound that fans will recognize from past albums. Not as heavy, and more pop-inspired, but still having its place on Illusory Walls.

Illusory Walls is a more apocalyptic approach to their emo-inspired indie songs. Each track has a creeping dread in it, juxtaposed with bright guitar and lyrics that are inspiring in a way. Lyrically, TWIABP always hits the mark, and Illusory Walls is no different. The lyrics are one of the highlights of this album, carefully constructed and intelligent with each track creating a strangely relatable story.

Ending on “Fewer Afraid,” a 19-minute song, you begin to see a light through the darkness that this album imbues. This track gives hope, being softer in tone, and as a closer, it’s truly a great ending to this album.

You don’t want to miss Illusory Walls when it comes out October 8. It may take over an hour to listen to, but it’ll be well worth it.

You can check it out here.


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