Word association is a powerful tool. When I say the phrase “Yacht Club,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? If I had to guess, probably an elaborate and inaccessible, almost cult-like, group of people who really like big boats. What if I told you that the  Yacht Club I’m talking about is enjoyable, intimate, and powerful? The Yacht club are an alt-indie group that are sure to stick with you through hell and high water.

The Yacht Club are releasing their latest album through Beth Shalom Records, after a few tumultuous years they have returned to the scene with a math rock-inspired record. The album, The Last Words That You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here and Safe, covers the spectrum of emotions regarding grief, the fragility of life, and the aftermath following a suicide.

The first track, “Be Happy and Love Pt. 2,” is a tender track with a simple arrangement focusing on the lyrics and introducing the theme to the audience. Simple and subtle, the track guides the listener by the hand on an emotional journey.  “In Amber” is an upbeat track that brings in multiple instruments, giving the song a multi-textured sound. With various time signatures, the whole album is obviously math rock-inspired, that being said, the consistent changes provide a unique and interesting experience.

This album brings profound and important commentary to the table regarding mental illness and grief and how individuals react to it. The Yacht Club bring a matured and thought provoking narrative to the scene, and their album isn’t one to skip.

Purchase the album here. 

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