Apparently as the world grabbles with one of the most crippling pandemics in a century; with nationalistic xenophobic world leaders popping up across the globe and rising unemployment in the U.S., the soundtrack we all desperately needed as a backdrop is neither grinding metal or Regan-Era fuck you punk rock, but sweet, sweet Power Pop.

On their latest LP, the Norwegian band The Yum Yums offer wildly infectious sing-along choruses, bubble gum sweet melodies and hooks reminiscent of Slade and Sweet. And most surprisingly they all work impressively well as a distraction from our current dystopian reality. Across 14 tracks, most averaging about two-and-a-half minutes long, the band whips through songs about love, infatuation and rocking out. Not exactly Dyan-esque lyrics, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

There are nods to everyone from The Ramones to 20/20 across the record, but the dominate influences date back to the 1970s Glam scene, with loud guitars, steady drums and mass singalongs. For Those About to Pop! may have been six years in the making, but it arrived just in time to give the world some much-needed levity.    

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