These Hearts
Yours To Take
(Victory Records)

These Hearts is a popcore outfit from North Dakota. Popcore is a mixture between the genres pop punk and hardcore. These Hearts sophomore album Yours To Take masters both genres perfectly.

Yours To Take’s first track “This is love” starts the album with pitch-perfect harmonies, gang vocals, and brutal breakdowns. This song features guest vocals from Bert Poncet of heavy hitting French popcore band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk. Bert adds a unique sound to this song. Therefore, it would be nice to hear these guys do more songs together. The song is dedicated to you (the fan). This song makes the listener feel appreciated, which is always a nice element to the feeling music can give the listener. The second track is a regurgitated song called “The Inconvenience.” This track sounds just like it did on the EP.

These Hearts are known for their mix of pop punk and hardcore. On Yours To Take the band proves they could make it strong in both genres. Track three “Psycho,” is a straight up pop punk song. The fourth track is the band’s single “Miserable.” You can expect the same uplifting vocals with surprising screams that fit perfectly from this song. The album continues with radiating positivity through the bands breathe taking harmonies, spine chilling screams, and solid instrumentation.

Upon listening to “Undecided Story” I was immediately reminded of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’s “Face Down.” Unlike “Face Down” is song is about an outsiders view to an abusive relationship where the girl isn’t strong enough leave her abuser.

Yours To Take is softer than the bands’ debut album. This album has only a few songs that contain the bands usual mixture of sounds. The majority of this album is strictly pop punk. This album has two heavy songs that put the “core” in popcore. “War” features Mattie Montgomery of Metalcore band For Today. This song is the heaviest on the album. Mattie Montgomery and These Hearts sound so good together in this song that Mattie could become a permanent member. The final song on Yours To Take is an acoustic song called “Never Mind Me.” This song sounds like Part II of the bands “Thinking in terms of two.”

These Hearts has proved with this album that they can succeed at writing and playing any style they choose. The pop punk songs on this album would allow These Hearts to play alongside artist like All Time Low. Also, the hardcore songs would allow them to play alongside bands like For Today.

Overall, this album is everything you could want from These Hearts and more. These Hearts continues to grow and progress with every recording and every concert. I look forward to seeing these guys do big things with their career. (Justin Petrucci)

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  1. I’ve heard this band in others a thousand times. So unbelievably generic.
    PS: “Popcore”? FML dude.

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