Brooklyn punks THICK are releasing their debut record 5 Years Behind (Epitaph) and taking the punk scene by storm. With blunt lyrics and breakneck riffs, this all-girl powerhouse are here to stay, sinking their teeth into the grit and producing some kick-ass tracks.

5 Years Behind, dropping March 6, is THICK’S thesis statement, if you will, confronting the power imbalance in the scene and society as a whole. This is a series of essays about being forced to prove themselves as real artists when they shouldn’t have too. Produced by Joel Hamilton (Iggy Pop, Jolie Holland) this record takes a lot of inspiration from the early punk days.

The record starts off with the title track, taking a few cues from a bedroom pop song, it’s a little lighter of an intro but remains welcoming. Its lyrics are an open discussion about anxiety and how easy it can be to get overwhelmed.

The track “Mainsplain” is one of the best punk tracks I’ve heard in a while. The intro is incredible, featuring audio from different men criticizing them and “explaining” how they should do their job. For any woman who works in the music industry, this is the anthem.

This track feels like hot steel creeping up on the back of my neck. I can feel the sear before my skin starts to melt; that’s the only way to describe this auditory onslaught of power and persistence.

The one track I need to mention, which I listen to almost every day, is “Your Mom.” This track is a hip check and a half, and I can’t get enough. It so perfectly encapsulates the familial struggles most women are in the scene face, especially when they dedicate their careers to music. Its sound is reminiscent of the Daria and King of the Hill theme songs, giving it a distinct sound. Its hard-hitting riffs feel like the perfect song to jump into the pit too.

Altogether, this is a solid debut, and THICK have set themselves up for success with this record. This is their open letter to the world, and they aren’t here to play games. “Your Mom” is available to stream on all platforms, and the record is up for pre-order.

Snag the album here.

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