It’s no surprise that as we pass through the twentieth anniversary of White Pony, the seminal record from alt-metal luminaries Deftones, the band’s signature sound continues to worm its way into the heavy music lexicon as a crucial, formative influence. Following in the wake of established acts like The Bled, Vexes, and many others, Nashville bruisers Thirty Nights Of Violence (yes, that is an Around The Fur reference) are the latest group to add a dash of lush atmospherics and destructive grooves to their already potent sonic palette.

Whereas 2018’s To Die In Your Portrait EP was a competent albeit stock-standard approach to late 90s/early 00s metalcore revivalism, the young quintet’s newest six-track offering, You’ll See Me Up There, displays a knack for combining crushing hardcore dissonance with hints of soaring melodies, breakbeat rhythms, and off-kilter chord progressions.

The real power of this abrasive amalgamation is made readily apparent on the EP’s two-track opening salvo. “Lost In Your Light” gets down and dirty immediately, with scattershot panic chords and furious chugging from guitarists James Chatham and Kelly Cook, alongside drummer/vocalist Ethan Young’s frantic blast beats. When the band hits their stride, concussive beat-downs slide into stomping rhythms and driving riffage, as frontman Zach Wilbourn’s mid-range bark pierces through the negative space in between.

On the captivating “In Vein,” the band flips this dynamic on its head, kicking off with an expansive, ambient intro that quickly spirals into a chaotic abyss. It’s here that bassist/vocalist Jake Chestnut provides the perfect melodic counterpoint to the band’s sonic destruction, holding his cleans aloft against down-tuned chugs and spacey atmospherics.

With the subtle breakbeats of the EP’s title track acting as a brief respite, the sheer blitz of “Salt’ quickly returns things to a hectic and breathtaking pace. “Shattered Glass” then makes the most of the group’s multi-faceted vocal attack, as Wilbourn’s bark and spoken words bounce off Young’s savage growls, Cook’s backing screams, and Chestnut’s melodic croon.

Closing out with lead single “Marbled Regression,” Thirty Nights Of Violence finish up the EP with their best work to date. The track hits like a modern update on genre legends Eighteen Visions, sporting sharp hooks, great metallic lead progressions, a blazing solo, and a truly earth-shattering breakdown. It’s a fresh update on a familiar sound, helping to make the pairing of melody and mosh vital once more.

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